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Why TriTerm Medical Insurance?

6 Key Features of TriTerm Medical Plans

Nearly three years
of coverage

Don’t want to apply for a temporary plan just to worry about how soon it’s going to end? TriTerm Medical plans include three terms of coverage. The first term is one day less than a year, while terms 2 & 3 are each a year.1 You don’t have to keep one eye on the calendar because you don’t need to re-apply after each term, and you keep the same ID card for the duration of the plan.

Coverage for

Is drug coverage an important part of your health insurance decision? All TriTerm Medical plans include benefits for outpatient prescription drugs. The Copay Select plan includes tiered pricing where many common (Tier 1) prescriptions have a $25 copay and no deductible.

Preventive care

Want your health insurance to help you stay healthy not just be there when you are sick? After 6 months on the plan, you are eligible for a $200 maximum benefit per term, per person for wellness checks. With some plans, the preventive care visit has a $50 copay.

conditions covered

Many traditional short term health insurance plans don’t cover preexisting conditions. However, TriTerm Medical includes coverage for eligible preexisting conditions after you’ve been on the plan for 12 months. Because there is just one effective date at the beginning of the plan, illnesses and injuries that occur in Term 1 aren’t considered preexisting conditions in Terms 2 and 3.

Options to fit your
needs and budget

You have the choice. With a range of deductibles and out-of-pocket maximums, you can look for a premium that works for you. All plans have a maximum of two deductibles per family, per term.

Access to a
nationwide network

The UnitedHealthcare Choice and Choice Plus networks provide access to 1.4 million physicians and other health care professionals and more than 6,500 hospitals and other facilities nationwide.2 TriTerm Medical members can use any provider in the network without a referral and receive quality care at a lower cost.

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1 In South Carolina, plans are three 11-month terms. In IN and OK, plans are three 364-day terms.
2 UnitedHealth Group Annual Form 10-K for year ended 12/31/20.